Dr Carmen Levick, Principle Investigator

Carmen Levick is a Senior Lecturer in Theatre at the University of Sheffield. Her main research interest is in representations of trauma and memory in Eastern and Central Europe. I am currently working on a monograph titled Taxonomies of Pain: Commemorating Trauma in Eastern Europe

As a teacher of theatre I am aware of the ways in which age and ageism have a determining and lasting impact on people involved in the creative industries. This negative impact has been enhanced by the COVID-19 pandemic and by the government’s response to it. Creative Lives was created as a platform and network to voice these issues, to learn more about and reward the good practice employed by artistic institutions, to engage with the challenges faced by the creative industries and to facilitate intergenerational collaborations in order to resist ageist prejudice.

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Dr Kirsty Surgey, Research Associate

Kirsty is a researcher and a teacher. She completed her White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities funded practice-as-research doctorate at the University of Sheffield in 2021: ‘Sharing Stories: A transtextual investigation of family history as performance hypertext’. The culmination of this project was Lines And Ladders – a storytelling board game focused on family history played in public spaces. She has exhibited and presented the work at TaPRA (2017, 2018 and 2019), Royal Holloway University London and the Universities of Kent, York, Leeds and the Memory Studies Association at the University of Copenhagen. She was the lead organiser of the White Rose Practice-as-Research Postgraduate Network (PaRNet) connecting postgraduates researching through creative practice across Yorkshire between 2016 and 2018.

Having returned to university as an older student, she is interested in the ways that arts and education organisations engage with artists and learners across different generations. She has joined Creative Lives to discover the good practice that is happening, to help to communicate this and to advocate for equity.

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