Gallery 2022

September 2022

As a network and platform for collaboration and discussion, Creative Lives at the University of Sheffield is actively engaged in ensuring a sustainable and impactful partnership between artists, academics and other stakeholders, in order to achieve meaningful outcomes that will have a determined effect on any future policy connected to ageism in the arts. Together with Castlefield Gallery (Manchester), whose successful programmes like bOlder attest to their strong belief in inclusivity and intersectionality, the Creative Lives network have been involved in an exciting joint project that focuses on creating new intergenerational collaborative work on the topics of age and memory. Ten established artists of different ages were invited to work together, explore the issues of age and memory, and, in small groups or individually, produce work that responds to these topics. As a leading academic on the project, Dr Carmen Levick used her own research on memory, identity and trauma to inform the discussions with the artists, concentrated in two face to face workshops and continued on online platforms. This online exhibition is the successful result of this collaboration, presenting a selection of the work in progress delivered by the participant artists and highlighting the extraordinary variety and depth of their work. We hope you enjoy this exciting exhibition, celebrating the value of intergenerational collaboration!

The Gallery

Click on the artists’ names to view their pages in the Creative Lives Gallery 2022:

Omid Asadi

Maya Chowdhry

Jessica El Mal

Julia Griffin and Steve Sutton

Bridget O’Gorman and Hannah Leighton-Boyce

John Powell-Jones

Andrea Small

Carran Waterfield

Visit Creative Lives People to learn more about the artists’ wider work.


All work featured in the Creative Lives Gallery 2022 belongs to the artists and can only be reproduced with their permission.

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