Carran Waterfield

Disrupted Meadow version for Creative Lives by Carran Waterfield for Sheffield and Castlefield

Short film 17 min 54 sec

Please use earphones to engage fully with the soundtrack. There is a transcript available.

I am presenting here an extract from my continually developing work Disrupted Meadow.

Disrupted Meadow is an exploration of ageing, genealogy, performance history, autobiographical documentation of trauma underpinned by a leaping and agitated memory. Essentially it explores three losses: my baby sister in 1971, my dad in 2009 and my mum in 2021. It also hints at losses in professional life and the notion of creative work in relation to parenthood.

In choosing this extract for Creative Lives, I have been mindful of some of the conversations and thematic discussions our artist group has been engaged in during these last four months of brief exchanges. I have particularly focussed on themes that have resonated for me within crossovers in our mutual creative pathways:

These intersections have included:

  • family history and mothers who are given away
  • the power of trees and nature
  • mapping creative biographical journeying
  • religion and fundamentalism, cults and sects
  • loss of siblings and grief
  • loss of parents and grief
  • the challenge of dementia
  • water and tears

Life and my body in life is a meadow. Sometimes and inevitably the meadow gets disrupted.

I currently make my digital work using my iPhone and a handycam. I edit using iMovie on my ageing and memory challenged laptop that is living on borrowed time.

The Creative Lives collaboration project gave me permission and spurred me on to examine more deeply family splits, loss, ageing and dying, recurring trauma, the habit-driven treadmill stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. I am also considering how those habits can be broken.

I hope it can mean something for you.

For more background and information on this project please see:

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