Creative People

An important aspect of the work of the Creative Lives network is to collaborate as academics with artists and arts organisations in order to understand the impact of ageism. So we’re very excited to be working with 10 artists who are producing new work in response to workshops led by our Principal Investigator Dr CarmenContinue reading “Creative People”

Creative Collaborations

There’s exciting work going on in the Creative Lives network right now. Working with Castlefield Gallery, Dr Carmen Levick from the University of Sheffield has brought together a group of 10 artists who have been commissioned to create work related to the concepts of memory and trauma. The artists work in a range of mediaContinue reading “Creative Collaborations”

Creative Lives Survey

Are you a part of arts organisation or institution that works with people? Have you considered how ageing is incorporated into your policies, infrastructure and programmmes? Is it included when planning education and training opportunities? Have you found ways of engaging diverse and intersectional groups of artists with funding? Creative Lives network is undertaking aContinue reading “Creative Lives Survey”

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