Getting the gallery ready

At Creative Lives we’re getting ready for the launch of our online gallery. The artists’ works-in-progress will be hosted for a year on our website from the 9th of September 2022. I’ve spent the last few weeks building new pages for our website. The multidisciplinary nature of the artwork produced has made this challenging, as each project is presented differently. The very open provocation given to the artists means that every project is developing at its own rate and the gallery promises to reveal the unique processes being undertaken through these collaborations. To accommodate this, we’ve decided that each project will have their own page on the website, which visitors will be able to explore individually.

This process has been stretching my ability to manipulate a website – and for the first time in a few years I wish that I had persisted learning proper coding! Nevertheless, it’s been exciting seeing the work appear ready to share and working at presenting them in the best way. Now I’m looking forward to finally publishing these pages so that you can see them too.

We’ll be holding an in-person launch for this online gallery at Castlefield Gallery in Manchester. If you want to come along and hear the researchers and artists talk about this work and their collaboration, please reserve a free ticket here:


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