Creative People

An important aspect of the work of the Creative Lives network is to collaborate as academics with artists and arts organisations in order to understand the impact of ageism. So we’re very excited to be working with 10 artists who are producing new work in response to workshops led by our Principal Investigator Dr Carmen Levick. Carmen introduced her own work on the topics of trauma and memory and now the artists are working independently, whilst collaborating, to respond to this prompt.

Originally, it was intended that the artists would work on a single piece in pairs, however, the concept of working independently, whilst collaborating, emerged from the initial workshop as a preferred methodology. As a network aiming to dismantle ageism in the arts being responsive to the needs of the artists is crucial. We needed to listen to what would make it possible for them to engage with the work.

Working independently, whilst collaborating, provides the support of a network and the creative challenge of peers, but gives the artists space to develop their own ideas and vision, as well as the flexibility to fit into busy lives.

To learn all about the innovative and exciting artists working with Creative Lives visit the People page of this website.

I can’t wait to see the work that emerges from this independent, collaborative process!


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