Creative Collaborations

There’s exciting work going on in the Creative Lives network right now. Working with Castlefield Gallery, Dr Carmen Levick from the University of Sheffield has brought together a group of 10 artists who have been commissioned to create work related to the concepts of memory and trauma. The artists work in a range of media including performance, sculpture, storytelling, song, poetry and drawing. They will be collaborating as their work progresses through discussion, as well as through the sharing resources, references and works-in-progress.

The creative work started earlier this month with a workshop at Castlefield Gallery. The artists were invited to hear about Carmen’s research and to begin forging the project. Together they agreed that they would mostly work independently, but collaborate through the process. Each will document their process in relation to their collaboration and this will be shared in early September through Castlefield Gallery. 

This morning 8 of the artists met digitally to discuss their ideas. Breaking out into pairs they talked about their work, moving their projects forward through conversation, before re-grouping into a new partnership. We’re hoping that this merry-go-round of dialogue will produce new ideas, prompt different ways forward, whilst also providing support and encouragement to the artists meeting the challenge of this work.

Keep watching this space to find out exactly which artists are involved!


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